Welcome to my blog

This is my blog.  Please come in and make yourself at home.  Leave your shoes by the door if you don’t mind.  Can I get you a cup of tea or a glass of water?  Once your shoes are off, feel free to put your feet up.  Let me introduce you to my family.  My husband Brad is the love of my life.  I met him in my senior year of college, and knew at once he was the one.  We were engaged within six months.  He’s my hero, and it doesn’t hurt that he worships the ground I walk on.  Owen is our oldest.  He just turned three last month.  He as the sweetest heart you’ve ever seen in a three year old.  He’s my big helper.  He was a happy surprise, and we were thrilled when we found out we were pregnant with him.  Connor is my little one.  He just turned one.  He has the biggest most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, and his smile can light the darkest of rooms.  And we have a cat named Gwenyvere.  Brad hates her, but she was part of the deal when we got married so he deals with her.  I think she goes out of her way to piss him off though.  Evil cat.  (I still love her, and she’s soft, so she’s got that going for her.)

Well, that’s the family, and we’re all happy to have you as our guest.  Ever since I’ve become a mother I’ve wanted to raise my kids close to the land.  I want them to grow up understanding where our food comes from, and how our actions impact the earth.  As my dream of land to roam on is still several years away I  am striving to implement the urban equivalent.  I do my best to cook from scratch, eat local, use environmentally friendly products in my home, avoid consumerism, and simplify my life.  In this blog I want to document our journey as we strive to make green lifestyle choice and mindful decisions about our home.  Hopefully you will learn something new, teach me something new, and we’ll all leave better people.