WallabyBags and Rosie Cheeks

So here an entire week has passed and I have barely mentioned what it is that I do. Well, other than mother, cook, clean, sew, can, and thriftshop. I have a shop on Etsy with recycled wool longies and diaper covers, and WallabyBags. The brand name for my longies is “Rosie Cheeks”, and, well, they kind of speak for them selves.

I also do wrap style Velcro closure diaper covers.

Wool makes such a great diaper cover. It’s anti microbial so it doesn’t need washed after every wear. Just air it out between uses and the lanolin in the wool naturally neutralizes odors. It allows air to circulate to baby’s bum, so hit helps cut down on diaper rash, and it is a natural fiber, which many moms like to keep next to their baby’s skin.

I also designed and produce the patent-pending WallabyBags. In our home we have switched to reusable almost everything over the past couple of years. We use cloth diapers, towels, shopping bags and the thought of cloth tp is playing in the back of my mind. My husband might not go for that though. But we still went through a lot of plastic baggies. I pack my husbands lunch every day, and several days a week the boys and I are out around lunch time and I try to pack ours as well. I knew there had to be a better way. And thus was born the WallabyBag. They’re laminated on the inside with polyurethane so they’re water proof and keep your sandwich fresh. They fold over the top like the old school sandwich baggies to keep snacks contained with out Velcro to catch and hold crumbs, and they have a flat bottom to stand on their own for easy snacking. I put everything from peach slices to cheerios in these. I use them in the fridge to store cheese or cut veggies. My aunt had me make her several large ones and she uses them to store washed and cut greens for salad. And the best part? They’re machine washable and dryable.

Thanks for taking a minute to check out my stuff. Hope you like it!

Keeping Warm

Brrrr! The weather here has taken a sudden turn for frigid, and my hands are cold. I hate cold hands. What to do? Ah yes, make mittens! But I hate mittens. And I don’t have the confidence in my knitting yet to attempt honest to goodness gloves, plus all I have in my yarn stash is worsted, and that would make a pretty bulky glove. The solution? Fingerless mittens!

I used the Evangeline pattern available on Ravelry. I love the cables in this pattern. Since my baby has the chicken pox and I can’t really leave the house, I raided my yarn stash for some suitable wool. This is either Payton’s or Lion brand wool, I don’t remember. It was almost a soaker, but got frogged due to being short a few yards to finish the project. And yes, I discovered this when I was just a few rows away from being done. Since the yarn came from my stash, I am considering these gloves essentially free. I love free stuff. So now it’s fingerless mittens for me. This project knitted up in just two days, which is pretty fast for me. Winter, here I come!