Did I Just Do That?

Yes, I did. I signed up for the Hang ’em Dry challenge over on Crunchy Chicken.

Hang Em Dry Challenge 2010

I’m a little scared. With three kids, the youngest wearing cloth diapers, I do a lot of laundry. However, I’m luckier than many in that I have ample space in my basement for line drying even though I can’t hang things outside our rented town house. Here’s the laundry corner in my basement. It’s not fancy, but it get’s our clothes clean.
Yes, that’s a wine rack beside the utility sink. It was a wedding present. We have a very small town house and there was no room in the dining room. Here’s my dryer.

It’s 22 years old, at least. In fact, I think it may have been 22 years old when we inherited it, so that would make it closer to 25 years old now. When my grandmothers washer kicked the bucket, they replaced the set. We became the grateful owners of a very free, very old dryer. I know it uses a ton of electricity, and it takes forever to dry a load of clothes. Don’t get me started on the diapers.

Here’s what I’ve got set up for line drying. I’ve got a folding drying rack, and a very long, sturdy pipe with hangers.

The few times I have done line drying this has proved to be ample space for a single load of laundry. We’ll see if I need to update my system as we go. I have a load of diapers in the washer as we speak, so they’ll be first up on the drying rack tomorrow morning.