Waiting for Baby

It’s amazing how time flies. My baby just turned 4, and my newborn just turned 2. My boys are getting so big. And so am I! We’re getting down to the wire, with only about 5 weeks left before baby girl makes her arrival. I know I haven’t blogged in about 7 months, but it’s not because I haven’t been busy.

The garden this year was an exercise in futility. As soon as I got pregnant, the mere thought of eating anything green sent me running straight for the porcelain god, so my garden went largely untended, and my good neighbors made use of what little it did produce. So I spent my summer sewing, knitting, crocheting, and puking. Here’s a little of what I accomplished while avoiding my garden:

This is the first think I knit for the new baby, before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl. This will be the first thing she wears. This yarn is so soft, it’s a lambswool/angora/cotton blend and absolutely lovely.

These longies are from the LTK Picky Pants pattern. My all time favorite longies pattern ever. The pocket on the back has a cabled owl, it was so cute I had to knit it up.

My first ever skirty. This pattern used a really neat technique for attaching the skirt ruffle. It’s done with yarnovers instead of picking up stitches, so it attaches seamlessly and has the same amount of give as the rest of the soaker. The hearts are duplicate stitched.

White recycled fleece diaper cover. This was from a thin fleece pullover, so it’s two layers bound in FOE.

Green soaker from the Curly Purly pattern. I love this yarn too, very soft wool. I’m afraid it’s going to felt pretty badley just based on the feel of working with it, but hey, it’s a diaper cover. So it’s not a big deal.

Some newborn fitted diapers. The white ones are bamboo velour inside and out, the others are cotton thermal outers and cotton velour inners. These are my own pattern, and if my sister ever sends me the dozen I made for her baby back in February, we’ll be all set for our newborn diapering needs. Once baby outgrows these we’ll switch to prefolds and covers.

Some new wetbags. Two full sized drawstring bags for home laundry, and two travel sized zippered bags for the diaper bag.

The baby blanket! I’ve crocheted a baby blanket for each child as soon as we found out the gender. With two boys already, it was fun to do something lacy and pink for a change.

Here’s a cute little holiday outfit for her. She better make an appearance before Christmas, or I’m going to be a very big, very grumpy mama.

And one last little outfit. The pants are my own pattern, and I love how they turned out.

So things are pretty much put together for this birth. We’re just playing the waiting game now. I’m trying to get most of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, just in case. The holidays are full of so many fun activities, hopefully I’ll be a little more active on this blog, at least until the baby is born.