Great Expectations

Drum Roll Please!!!

I’m Pregnant!! That’s right, number three is decidedly on it’s way. Only 4 weeks along, I still feel fine. Two or three more weeks to go before the pukies set in.

My goal over the next few weeks is to menu plan and double batch so I can feed the freezer for days when cooking would put me over the edge. Things that double batch well:

Cassaroles (with GF pasta)
Soups: chicken potato
Beef and rice
vegetable tomato
bean and bacon
Southwest chicken black bean soup
Salsa slow cooker chicken
Pot roast
Beans and Rice

I also need to finish up the sweater and baby blanket I’m working on for my nephew (who’s two months old already!!!) so I can start working on things for this baby. I need to make:

about 2 dozen new born diapers
baby blanket (I’ll start this at 20 weeks when we know the gender)
soakers/longies for winter baby
I’d really like to knit/sew some outfits too.

Man, 9 months really isn’t long enough!!