Keeping Warm

Brrrr! The weather here has taken a sudden turn for frigid, and my hands are cold. I hate cold hands. What to do? Ah yes, make mittens! But I hate mittens. And I don’t have the confidence in my knitting yet to attempt honest to goodness gloves, plus all I have in my yarn stash is worsted, and that would make a pretty bulky glove. The solution? Fingerless mittens!

I used the Evangeline pattern available on Ravelry. I love the cables in this pattern. Since my baby has the chicken pox and I can’t really leave the house, I raided my yarn stash for some suitable wool. This is either Payton’s or Lion brand wool, I don’t remember. It was almost a soaker, but got frogged due to being short a few yards to finish the project. And yes, I discovered this when I was just a few rows away from being done. Since the yarn came from my stash, I am considering these gloves essentially free. I love free stuff. So now it’s fingerless mittens for me. This project knitted up in just two days, which is pretty fast for me. Winter, here I come!

One Response

  1. I so need to make myself some of these….to wear when I’m knitting!!! LOL

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